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Ricky Martin - He's Gonna Get to You
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1st-Jan-2008 09:52 pm - need help

i had problem with upload images. can anyone tell me how to post pictures ricky here? thanks

9th-Aug-2007 08:05 pm - concert photo,s rome 2007
here are a few photo,s off ricky martin,s concert in rome italy
it was amazing so far the best i have seen

23rd-Mar-2007 09:36 pm - Oh my...
The photo that surprised and make loughtin my freinds from my job and me...
14th-Feb-2007 09:29 pm - new tattoo!
hey everyone...havent seen much action around here lately. I saw some pix that were posted of ricky from his PR concert on his myspace...did anyone notice the new tattoo..on the inside of his arm?? HOT!!!!!! anyone know scoop on it???
16th-Dec-2006 05:53 pm - Ricky at Roseland Ballroom!!
OMG I had a GREAT TIME.....I got there a little late so i had to wait on a two and a half block NY line..LOL..but luckily he didnt start right at 9 so i didnt miss anything. We took tons of pix and video of some songs. I figured I would just upload everything to zip files and you guys can pick what you want. Since we got in late we were slightly far so some pix are fuzzy....im a little sad about that :(

Overall he was awesome and I was drooling the whole time..LMAO....oh and for the conguero fans...i got some pix of Danny as well as a solo during Lola, Lola...ENJOY...let me know your thoughts!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Zip of pix:

Videos 1:

Videos 2:
27th-Nov-2006 05:18 pm(no subject)
ok so ricky is having a concernt in NY at teh roseland ballroom on the 8th. im debating going. but i dont know if roseland is big..small. has anyone ever been there???
20th-Nov-2006 10:04 pm - Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged 2006
Here you can download Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged 2006



!!! Download the link and open the web page from it. You'll see the rapidshare page where you can easily get Unplugged. It's reaaly great and beatifel album. Enjoy.

PS: And here is new link to download Unplagged fron SendSpace.
 http://www.sendspace.com/file/jhmsaf - Part 1
http://www.sendspace.com/file/q6jvjc - Part 2

17th-Nov-2006 02:54 pm - ricky on jimmy kimmel
He will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight...its at 12:05 est. on ABC :). And im not sure but i heard he was going to be on Sabado Gigante on saturday night(univision). i am not sure though....
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